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We understand there are days when you don’t want to clean your windows. They’re annoying to work, it’s time-consuming, window cleaning is a tough grind, they’re high up…. etc. However, dirty, stained, cloudy or dusty windows can make your house look aged and tired. It is amazing how clean windows can make any house feel cleaner, more inviting and brighter.  So, when the time comes the best way to clean windows is to do it like the pros. Follow our simple DIY hacks and tips to get shiny and clean windows in no time:

PICK A CLOUDY DAY: yes, that’s right. A bright, hot, sunny day could mean that your washed windows will dry before they’re wiped leaving streaks and soap residue behind. This can be a bigger challenge to clean and remove. On a cloudy day you will be able to clean the windows easily.

DUST OFF THE EXCESS DIRT: before you start cleaning with water and soap it’s always good to get rid of dirt and cobwebs with a brush or hoover. This will allow a better clean and save you time and energy. With shades and blinds, we recommend using a microfiber duster to wipe with and then going over the slats with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

INVEST IN THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT: we recommend investing in the same high-quality window washing tools the pros use and are readily available at hardware stores. The set-up is quite inexpensive and will last you many years. A bucket, scrubber, squeegee, a good window cleaning liquid, lint-free rags are all you need to get the job done.

STEP-BY-STEP: it can be deemed as unnecessary to clean your windows any more than a few times a year, but it can be made simpler when dividing the job into a room-by-room task. Another handy trick is to clean one side of the window horizontally and the other side vertically. This technique is used so if streak marks do appear you will know what side of the window it’s on.

SAFETY: Please remember safety is of crucial importance for cleaning windows. The higher up you go, it becomes important to have the right equipment, safety procedures and methods in place to avoid falls or accidents that could damage your property or cause you any injury.

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